Friday, July 7, 2017

Student LED Conferences

For Student LED Conferences on Wednesday we had to create a google drawing to show our parents when they came in to collect my report. This year we had to tell and show our parents what we were learning and why we were learning it. In our google drawing we had to include reading, writing, maths, art and inquiry. We had to also link our evidence that we can do it. I think my Mum really liked my google drawing.  

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Matariki Day

Last week on Thursday it was Paihia Primary Schools Matariki celebration day. There were a lot of fun activities that were planned for us. There were a couple of games and we were also able to plant trees. Everyone in the school had to bring a celebration food. When I mean celebration food I mean the food you would eat when you have a celebration. Then when it was lunch everyone would bring out their food. The juniors would go up first then the seniors. The food was perfect it was so delicious. I really enjoyed that  day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Waitangi Trip

Last week on Tuesday Paihia School went on a trip down to Waitangi Treaty Grounds. The Juniors left school in the morning and came back in the afternoon and the seniors left school at lunch and came back when school finished. While we were at the Treaty Grounds the people who worked there had planned us some activities. One of the activities was planting  trees we also got to make  kites out of flax and we played some maori games that children use to play when they were young. I was learning to weave a kite I found weaving very difficult.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fidget Spinner

Hello, a couple weeks ago Te Ngahere were writing persuasive story on  fidget spinner. The writing was about should we have fidget spinner at school and in the classroom. I wrote two sides I wrote we should be able to have them at school but not in class time, I was learning to use the correct persuasive structure. We also had a follow up activity for our fidget spinner writing. We were drawing and designing our own fidget spinner. We were learn to use crayon and dye while filling all the gaps. I enjoyed the art and I don’t like art in class so it was good I enjoyed it.   

Monday, June 26, 2017

Ice Cream

A couple of weeks ago on Friday Te Ngahere had to opportunity to make ice cream. We had to get a 100% record in our learning plan to make ice cream. We also had follow up activities that we had to do for reading and then we wrote a recount about making ice cream. In my reading I was learning to answer full questions. In my writing I was practicing using metaphors. I really enjoyed making ice cream.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Writing Goals

Last week we had to make a google drawing about our writing goals. We had to become very creative with our drawing. I think I did a good  job with my writing goals. It was a very fun and easy task. Hopefully you enjoy looking at my drawing. Thank you for your time.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tim Tipene

Last week we had a special kiwi author visit our school. His name is Tim Tipene. Tim writes picture books for kids. Tim said to as that there are a warrior in each of us. I enjoyed it when he read his story Hinemoa Te Toa to us. The books I know that Tim Tipene has written is Hinemoa Te Toa, Maui Sun Catcher and Taming a Taniwha. I have never read any of his books but I have had people who have read the book to me.